Introduction of Hashting

Hashting is a mobile marketing software and coupon clearing platform. Hashting helps brands to connect with consumers. They work globally and they have 100+ brand partners like- CocaCola, Pepsi, Heineken, Philips, etc.

Project Detail

Hashting wanted to recreate their existing website in Zohosite so that they can connect with Zoho and run the entire business through zoho to transform the way they work. Hashting want to use integrated applications of Zoho like Zoho forms, Zoho campaign and Zoho CRM, etc. Hashting can manage, connect, and automate business processes through Zoho. Created situation-specific templates, and a simple user interface for taking user inputs through Zoho forms.

Our Job

We invision Hashting website as per the client expectation and created pages with Zoho sites using customize template as per the layouts.

  • We used the Zoho forms for the footer content.
  • We created Resources and Event pages with customizing templates.
  • We used third-party code for the cookies policies pop up.
  • On the Event page, we created subheadings as- Webinars and Workshops.
  • In Webinars, users can see the upcoming events with the event day, date, and timing. They also can register for a particular event.
  • In pages, the subheading pages are also created with customizing templates.
  • We created a page as “Get a demo”, where we used the Zoho form. In this form, the user can fill up their personal detail and register for a demo.
  • Result

    Our efforts really helped Hashting to make their site more user-friendly. It also helped to provide more information of users to Hashting so they can contact users easily by their email id or phone number. Hashting team really appreciated our work.