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Booking Manager

Booking Manager back office software is a industry standard in order to organize the complete business as well as to achieve more bookings. Booking Manager System the biggest distribution network for hotel management system in the world. The software helps to organize their entire back office by using Booking Manager tools such as creating invoices and tracking financial statistics.

Stock Manager

Stock Manager allows you to manage your sales and inventory on site. Stock Manager plays a important role to update stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere in the office, home, or warehouse. Stock manager is used to organize and monitor inventory levels to maximize efficiency. Stock manager keeps track of products, customer queries or data.

Hotel Manager

Hotel manager maintain proper management of company. CSI hotel manager system is the ultimate hotel management solution for small and medium accommodation facilities. Hotel manager is used to configure rooms, manage employee portfolio and role, manage logistics/equipments and room maintenance. Hotel manager manages the operation of a hotel, motel, or resort.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis plays key role in the hospitality industry to manage booking report, stock report, statistics and graphs, payroll list, hotel bills, hotel expenses, or room performance. Accounting and financial analysis in the hospitality industry is used to manage financial statements and management reports to budgeting and forecasting.

Manage Contractors

CSI contractor management system manages contractors list, contractors job history, drivers list. Stores all contracts digitally and used to retrieve contracts. Helps to view a key contract terms and conditions. CSI contractor management system reduce your risk through system generated e-mail alerts. Automatically shows renewal dates for each contracts, licenses and permits.

Lost and Found

CSI lost and found software is a simple and powerful software to record and track items you have lost and found. Our software will help to return lost items to their owners. All lost and found items are added quickly and easily in the control panel and place all lost and found items on the website's lost and found property page. Allowing quickly return the item to it's owner.

Special Services

Designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts in order to provide special services such as send seasonal message, letter of inconvenience, seasonal discount, send referral. Manage all kind of lists such as authentication list, coupons lists, diet list, newspaper list, entertainment list, etc. Provides world class services to their customers.

Manage Templates

Provides delighted customer service such as seasonal and birthday wishes. Offers a selection of business services which are detailed in the booklet, placed on the writing table in your room. Automatically generates welcome messages and letter of inconvenience to their customers. Automatically sends SMS on birthdays and anniversaries.

Phone Directory

Provides a service of phone directory to customers in which they can found telephone number with their name and address. Telephone directory allows users to search a telephone number according to the service they need. Hotel phone directory gives you a thorough insight about all facilities and services available.

CSI Hotel Management System is a user-friendly , simple & powerful system for Hospitality Industry.
It can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges.
Why CSI Hotel Management System ?
Simple but Powerful

It is signifigantly more simple-to-use, feature-rich and powerful with easy operation. Interface ensures that using our product is as easy as using your social networking account. Has a number of impressive features, easy to use, professional-quality-rich interface. Can SAVE Your Countless Hours of time and Effort.

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Product Features
  • Booking Manager
  • Stock Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Financial Analysis
  • Manage Contractors
  • Lost and Found
  • Special Services
  • Manage Templates
  • Phone Directory
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