CSI School Management System

School Management System

CSI School management system helps you to manage school management system. This management system is a multi user account system; it provides proper and beneficial access to multiple users like Admin, Teachers, parents and Students.CSI school management system will run over all kind of device seamlessly. Dedicated developer support is available any time at CSI school management system.CSI management system is built on latest version code igniter PHP framework.CSI school management Multiple Language Supports, this software supports 21 languages. Everyone who is attached with this system can edit profile settings as their wish. This software manages all the dormitories of the school under its configuration. It poses the transport management of all routes for the students.


There would be following type of the users



CSI school management system supports right-to left text alignment. This system completely provide easy customizable with the help of understandable Documentation. This database has the capability to manage student fees very easily for administration. This software has power to create systematic management of all library books.

  • Manage Students,Teachers,parents and Donors.
  • Manage Students Result.
  • Manage Notification about School.
  • Define Classes & Subjects For student & teachers.
  • Generate Fee Sturcture for School.
  • Generate Reports


Teachers can easily attach notes for students only and other confidential files for the administration purpose. This allows teachers to create and manage class routine schedules very easy. Teachers can easily manage and display exam marks of all students. Teachers can easily manage with attendance formalities. Organize classes in multiple sections for an easier management.

  • Manage Students homework.
  • Assign homework.
  • Share homework on social networking sites (facebook).
  • Manage classes.
  • Manage Student Report.
  • Generate Remarks on Student Reports.
  • Generate Student Attendence.


Students can easily access their marks as they are displayed by the teachers through this software. Students can easily find out any book according to their interest, it arranges the systematic arrangement of library books.

  • Manage homework.
  • Share homework amoung friends, on social networking sites (facebook).
  • ReportCards.
  • Manage classes.
  • Manage Student Report.
  • Generate Remarks.


Regular updates are available to download the fees of students. Parents can monitor all activities of their children. Parents can analyze the performance of their children by comparing their marks list with other students at this software and also analyze the marks of particular student as it represent with chart & graph. Easily backup, restore the whole database when it comes to any threat.

  • Checkin kids progress.
  • Parent-Teacher interaction.
  • Get alerts from School Administration or Teachers.

Demo Details

See School Management Demo Using Following Login Details.
Admin id- pandey.vivek4@gmail.com
Password- pandey123
Teacher Id: demoteacher@gmail.com
Password: demoteacher
Parent Id : demoparent@gmail.com
Password: demoparent
Student Id : demostudent@gmail.com
Password: demostudent
Librarian Id :demolibrarian@gmail.com
Password : demolibrarian