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Technology – Boon or Bane

Technology – Boon or Bane

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Technology is the needs of everyone. As per the world is all set to adapt the modern innovations in all the aspects of life. World has progressed not only in intellectual ways but also physically. Technology has set up a great scale for the success and became the most popular trend. Not only popular among the youngsters but also it has now put his claw on the aged people. It is so much beneficial that it is hard to resist. Technology gave rise to various tech gadgets such as mobile, computer, tab, play station, video games, and x-box and so on. People from every age group are surrounded by such gadgets which apart from being beneficiary are mostly unhealthy. Though it has reduces the human power yet it also lead to the various diseases that occur due to less physical work and movements.

We could take up various literal example here that justify the non-benefactor side of the tech that plays such vital role in our lives these days, Elevators that take us up and down in the building with different floors undoubtedly save our time when to reach a place but then at the same time it does risks life as well as reduces man effort which further leads to physical disorders. Mobile phones the most common gadgets seen today in every other hands mainly known as android phones provides so much from various information through internal sources to make a call and talk to anyone anytime at anyplace. Yet somehow it is so overpowering that it has somehow lost the personal touch among the individual. Even when people at same place rather than to talk face to face they prefer calling or texting. More over to these mobile phones emit and receive radio and microwave radiation in different range based on the network and country. Parts of the body nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy, which might have to potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems. The number of cell phone users has increased rapidly. So though the technology is a beneficial in many aspects and provides easy way to complete yet somehow it proves to be a bane for one and all in many other aspects. 

We at Climb Solutions Info offer the IT services and Solutions which could help people to change their life and make it easy. We help people in all possible ways. Our technology solutions did not harm people in any ways. We believe we need to use the technology to changes people life wisely it should not need to harm in any possible way.

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